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Installation successfull but can't boot


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Hi !

I am trying to install iatkos v1.0i on my laptop. I've tried various customize options to get to it but none were successfull. I tried all customize options, some options and no options and none worked.

I always go through the install with no errors. But when i try to boot it get's stuck at the gray screen with the apple and the wheel, in -v mode the last line is:

IndexCI in content IndexOpenBulk: No index





I don't know what to try or change so i'm seeking your help !

Thank you



HP C8510w laptop

Intel Core 2 duo T7300

2Go Ram

Quadro FX 570M

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Problem solved. Don't really know how but i rebooted a few times and it worked. Had to wait 15mn to get it to boot.


EDIT: Booting on battery (it's a laptotp) is much quicker !!! Solved all my problems !!

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