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ASUS eee PC 1000HE


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When I found out the high level of compatibility with Mac OS on the 1000HE, I nearly wet myself!


I watch a lot of .mkv 720p x.264 media files of aired TV shows (like on ABC/CBS/NBC). There are huge lists of sequential episodes of multiple series on my main file server. This also seems like a huge benefit on planes as I try to watch the same files on a 14.1" laptop in an economy class.. wow talk about cramped! The size diff and long battery life would definitely help.


I read somewhere that the CoreAVC codec and MPC-HC in WIndows XP on the 1000HE just barely gets by with 720p H.264 encoded content. But it's watchable. Then I read somewhere that CoreCodec's CorePlayer for Mac OS incorporates the CoreAVC efficient code. I know for instance without CoreAVC, my 4 year old Dell laptop with a 1.6Ghz Dothan chokes a painful death, but is fine with it.


That being said the CorePlayer had issues with AC-3 decoding in which some clever person found a hack for that:



My question is: Does anyone think the 1000HE running 10.5.6 (I already found the tutorials) will be able to run the 720p .mkv content? Or am I asking too much? I'm afraid to ask the corecodec people directly because of course OS X isn't license to run on ANY Netbooks..


Hope this works! Thanks for the tips.

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