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PowerBook G4 Screen Issue

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I recently bought a Powerbook G4 for 100 dollars with a broken DVD and bad overheating graphics chip on the motherboard (Machine kept shutting off). When I got it and played around with it, everything was fine except for the fact that it kept shutting off after 20 minutes, there was no DVD drive, and 2 vertical lines down the screen. I had originally come to the conclusion I could grab a LVDS cable, motherboard, and DVD drive.


I got the motherboard for 250, works great. I got the DVD for 50, also works great. I still have yet to buy the LVDS cable though.


When I took the laptop apart and laid it out across my work station, I left everything separated. The laptop sat like this for about 3 weeks or so. Once I got everything working and together, I noticed when I booted it, the screen's colors are a bit messed up. They're not exactly inverted, but more like a bleeding out type of image. Whenever you move the mouse around, or an open window, there's sort of a glow around the window which will follow it and move the colors on the background around. It seems as if some colors can not be displayed. Black and white command prompts look fine (such as booting inso single user mode).


What I'm trying to ask if, does anybody think this is actually the cable? Or could it be something else? I plugged in an external monitor so I know it's not the graphics card. Could it be the connector on the motherboard for the LCD? Or even the LCD itself? Any type of advice would be appreciated.

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