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Mac Pro / Windows Noob - Installing XP/Vista

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I have a retail install of Leopard 10.5.5 humming along nicely, but recently decided I wanted to install windows on a spare drive. I'm not too picky on whether it's Vista or XP since it's just for gaming. Being a windows novice, I'm running into some snags with both.




My drives show up in my BIOS like


1: Windows Drive

2: OSX Drive

3: Backup


I have 1 partitioned with MBR, and I've installed the motherboard driver that allows AHCI to be used. Vista claims that it cannot find a suitable drive, even though it seems it can partition 1 fine. Asking XP to partition 1 works fine, but upon asking it to install on 1 it tells me it wants to install something on 2, but can't because it is partitioned incorrectly (GPT error i assume). So my only guess is that it has something to do with master/slave issues, but being a mac guy I haven't had to concern myself with the ins and outs of this for windows.


Any advice?

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