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Hard drive limited to 128Gb, Network problems and more.


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I have got problems with, HD, Music Card, Graphics Card, network....


But first I have to say this is may first post here, so Hi all!


First problem is my most important

Hd is not working becouse every HD is see as 128 gb, I have got 2x320gb *non raid, 1x 500gb. For example: On 500gb I have got 200,100,80,90, Gb paritions, OS X only see one 100gb. On 320gb I have got OS-X and Vista,xp, On windows are on 2x39gb partitions, OSX on 35gb partition, But OS-X cant see free space on this disk.



Second Problem--> temporary working:)

Music card after some time give me a lot of strange noise like its to slow for playing music, Music card is going to stammer. Music card is broken, because only one output is still working.




Third problem

I have got one HDMI LCD monitor and one VGA CRT monitor.... CRT monitor is not seeing by OS-X (second display connector)




Fourth problem and really important


Network card after 10.5.6. is not working, Im not sure when it stopped working.

The problem is that network have to run automatically after restart of my computer, or after power go down.....

Problem is that network is not working after restart, I have to go to network in system preferences and set to manual, after that I have to type everything, and than switch to DHCP.



My spec is

2x xeons 3,6ghz

SE7525GP2 with 6300ESB southbridge

4x1b 266mhz ram

ATI 4850

SB Live 5.1.

Working on 10.5.6. voodo kernel.


I install with http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...mp;#entry995458 But after update 10.5.6. I install one more time post combo patch.

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