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Setting up drive with out the computer?


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Hello everyone im new to the forum not new to computers by a long shot though as im actually a certified apple tech(also ex-genius) but who cares right! I will be build my first PC in a long time after work today ( Core i7, Gigabyte ud4p, 6-gig triple channel 1600, 9800gtx+(maybe gtx295 later)


So my plan is to run leopard server ?(that does work right)

Dual boot with Vista maybe 7 later on


right now on my boot drive i have two partitions what called OS X and the other Windows (GUID, HFS, NTFS)


My question is this im at work and wanted to see what i could do from here all i have is one to many macs, leopard server and my boot drive for my new build(all the other parts are at home). So i was thinking could i already get the ball rolling and set my drive up to be ready to go when i get home today? im kinda unclear on what to do as all guide are written as if your working with the machine? or am i just to excited and should wait till later and follow the guides?


funny I consider my self very savy but kinda get lost in all the different guides and tricks and different loaders etc

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