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Sorry-Noob and stuck on what boot process to use -best method for GA-G31M-ES2L


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Im sorry to post a noob question like this, but even after loads of reading up, Im not too sure how I sould go about my first hackintosh. Im confused by all the differnt options for boot loaders, and althouh many people seem to have the same hardware as me, everybody does it a different way, none work for me, and not sure whats best now.


I have a Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard, 2.4GHz Core2Duo 6600 cpu, and an Asus 8400GS 256MB pci-e graphics card.


I have 2 drives in my system, one that Ive installed Kalyway 10.5.2 too, and that partly works, but I want to run retail so I can run Apple updates and resinstall etc. I gather the best way to do this on my native Intel setup is to have a EFI loader.


Trouble is, I dont know which is the best to use, efiboot, Chameleon 1, Chameleon 2, Boot-132 etc.


So far Ive tried:


-boot up from the hard drive with kalyway installed

-Format my new boot drive in GUID HFS+ J

-start 10.5.0 retail install from command line

- Install Chameleon 2 to create EFI

-Copy some ketxs i found for my board using the finer into the extras folder

-turn off, unplug the kalyway HD

-Turn back on, Chameleon starts to boot, then kernal panics.


Can someone please point me to the best method for a retail install for my hardware please, a method that i can reinstall my computer with the retail DVD whenever i need too?


Thank you and sorry for the long post!

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