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IONetworkingkit kext?


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Hey guys!


I've just got iDeneb v1.4 (so 10.5.6) up and running and its all working smoothly. Using nvinject for my graphics and a kext for my integrated audio. The only issue is networking.


My integrated networking chipset (SIS 191) isnt supported so I'm using a pegasus based USBtoEthernet adaptor, however its not working correctly. I have done a bit of digging about and noticed that in verbose mode it complains of the lack of a iokit.IONetworkingKit file, before saying...


Can't determine dependencies for com.dsumorok.driver.USBPegasusEthernet.

Couldn't alloc class USBPegasusEthernet


So I'm guessing that iokit.IONetworkingKit is the dependancy that it requires, but can't find - hence not working.


I have put a list of my /System/Library/Extensions folder here [ http://pastebin.com/m3663b16c ] - and true enough, theres no IONetworkingKit. Does anyone know where I could grab this from? I've tried google and kexts.com to no avail!


Cheers in advance!

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