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Glitchy video playback with Taruga - ALC883 driver and Premiere Pro CS4


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Hi to all,

first and foremost thanks to everybody for the awesome atmosphere! Thanks to the kind souls hanging round here I'm a Hackintosh addict! I need some help with Taruga's ALC883 driver on Premiere Pro CS4. Video playback jumps back 4 or 5 frames every few seconds, exclusively when Taruga's ALC883 audio driver is being used. Irrespective of the video clip's file format, even without any sound in the timeline audio tracks. However if either the shuttle control is (slow/fast) or next / previous frame buttons are used, the video is perfectly fine, without any jumps or missing frames. Also, with Sunflower audio driver selected instead of ALC8883 (Premiere won't work without an audio device) the video playback is perfect, although sound can't be heard as routing in Sunflower dosen't seem to work.


I've tried tons of stuff, and nothing has worked. I'm using the XXX 10.5.6 install without either bootloaders or DSDT installed on Gigabyte 965P-S3. SMBIOS 1066 and Voodoo kernel from the XXX DVD are installed. I've used Taruga's ALC883 3 Line out driver, without ALC inject or HDA enabler. Also installed are NV Inject for my 7300GT and the Yukon 056 driver. Sunflower and Perian are installed, as are the other tools included with the XXX DVD.


Normal VLC, Quicktime and Toast playback is perfect and everything else works fine, including shutdown / sleep etc, so I guess the issue is with Premiere Pro and the ALC883 driver.


Hoping someone has a solution out there, and thanks again to everyone for the great work!


Jethro Tull

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