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AMD 790GX SB750 bluescreen...all working!


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No matter what Ideneb 1.4 10.5.6 or IPC after install it gets all the way to blue screen. I can only get in with safe mode then for some odd reason sound stops anyone know why?


I have MA790GP-UD4h with the HD3300 onboard. That is off. I have a HD3870. Now I can install OSX without changing the harddrives to ahci. With AHCI on or off does nothing. Still bluescreen. Tried a NV7900 same thing gets to bluescreen. Onboard video will install and I can hack it to run at 1680x1050 but get voodoo errors.


So am I not installing something? I do voodoo+seat the right chipset sound blah blah.. do I need smbios (spelling) or let it default?


Thank you for taking the time to read and trying to help :D


EDIT: Ok I found if I put the drive I am installing OSX on sata 0 and then AHCI has to be on lol. I also found I have to repair with OSx86 Tools. If I dont it goes to blue screen and only -x will get me in. Yet if I the the tools EVERYTHING works great. A what am I doing wrong that I have to keep using OSx86 tools for repair to get everything working?


Well UPDATE! using Ideneb 1.4 10.5.6 with some fixs from the DVD everything works great. No blue screen ATI everything works.. No "-" at the start anymore.

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