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P5Q EM Problems with shutdown/Restart


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Hi! I have the following config


Asus P5Q-EM

4GB ram

nVidia 9500 GT fanless

500 SATA2 Green WD Disc



I installed iDeneb 1.4 and surprisingly everything worked out of the box except the sound card required drivers. I get full QE support and everything fells like a real mac, thank you, insanelymac community! :dance_24: The only thing that is not working is the restart and shutdown. I tried installing OpenHaltRestart via Kext Helper but it still doesnt work. When I click shutdown, the dock goes away, the screen goes blank, the CD spins down, everything is fine except the PC wont turn off. The fans keep spinning, the monitor is blank and it just stays in that state, so I must manually press the off switch.


Any help appreciated.

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