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Slow boot and performance without ethernet plugged in


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Is it just me or does someone else have the same problem?

I installed OSX on an external hard drive. It's working fine when I'm on the local network, but it hangs without the network cable.

The boot takes almost ten minutes and the hard drive is reading all the time, after boot the system hangs and sometimes completely freezes, when I try do start anything the little ball comes up and nothing happens.

I installed the PCgen8129 ethernet driver (or something similar, sorry about this).

Basically, I can use osx at home just fine, but at the workplace it's completely useless.


Any idea, what can it be? Every help is much appreciated.


Many thanks!




Well, I found out, it is not the network, probably attached usb devices cause the trouble.

At home, I have a usb hub connected with wireless mouse, usb soundcard (Creative).

At work, I don't bring all of those clutters with me. The boot speed improves even if one of the devices is plugged in directly to the back of the laptop.


Please, I'm new to mac, maybe an expert could help me. ;-)

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