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nForce7 SATA Question + Discussion


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I pose this question for a couple reasons.


I've had OS X 10.5.5 installed on this system previously. I installed it to a USB external drive and booted to it when I wanted to since Windows 7 is my main system (please, no comments on this). However, when I did that I was using an IDE DVD burner and not my lovely new SATA DVD burner. After patching the iDeneb ISO that I procured with the nForce patch that was released shortly after, I was able to install after setting AHCI in my BIOS when I had my IDE burner.


However, now that I have this new SATA burner I am no longer able to install 10.5.6 nor can I reinstall 10.5.5 from my old patched disk. That is the only system component to have changed since then, minus a BIOS update. The oddest part is when I have AHCI set in my BIOS it cannot boot from DVD, only when it's set to IDE.


Now, I've done some digging around and I cannot find anyone anywhere that's had this similar problem and on an nForce chipset. When set to verbose mode, I get "Still wating for root device" and that the FireWire GUID is invalid. I'll also admit that the Darwin bootloader is still unfamiliar to me and I have no idea how to boot the proper kernel, if any, so that it might be able to actually work. The iDeneb forums are in such horrible English I can't read them without getting a headache.


My configuration reads as below:


ABIT A-N78HD nForce 720a chipset (FireWire, HDMI [disabled], HD Audio [disabled], GeForce 8200 [disabled])

ASUS DRW-22B1ST SATA DVD burner (SATA Channel 2)

AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition OC'd @ 3.0GHz


Western Digital WDC3200AAJS-22VWA0 300GB SATA HDD (SATA Channel 1)

nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB PCI-e card


My questions are these:


Could the change to a SATA DVD burner cause this failure?

Would the channel the HDD and burner sit on make any difference?

Do you think the BIOS update might have changed something with AHCI?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is my problem already solved but I just need to boot the right kernel? If so, could I get the command(s) to boot into the right kernel from the Darwin bootloader?


Attached is a screenshot from CPUZ of my motherboard. I hope I posted this in the right section!


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