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Macbook 13" Right click mod


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Ive just completed this mod and it works. It makes it such a more usable computer.


Basically ive taken a standard logitech usb mouse, hacked it down to its very bare esstenitals, inserted inside the case along with a usb hub


Ive tapped into the usb connection between the motherboard and bluetooth module, attached the hub and rerouted the cable for the bluetooth module to the hub.


Ive placed a small piece of metal (which is attached and insulated on the L-bracket) underneath the right mouse button to make the contact.


All the boards are located in a spare ram module slot, ive already got the maximum amount of ram on one stick so i didnt need it anyway.


Some videos are uploaded here:








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I suppose there is ways around having an actual hardware right click button, like the two finger tap etc....


but I guess because i run macos, windows and linux on this laptop, plus the 'soft' right click methods have never really worked well for me as a pc user. Especially when i'm in a cramped datacentre and im trying to maneuver things around.


plus the new macbooks have right click, im getting with the times here. gotta give me credit for trying a mac out as a pc user though. :(

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