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iAtkos v5 installed on an Inspiron 9300


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Hi *


So I've been able to install iAtkos v5 onto my dell laptop, looks great, sound works, nic too and usb seems to work too.

I've been tinkering with drivers for the display, the laptop comes with an ATI X300. This works too, nice 1920x1200 only so slight tearing around the mouse but I'm sure I'll get that sorted when i focus a bit ;)


Question; what to do with the updates? My hackytosh tells me there's some updates I might wanna install. Will this screw my install up? I bet it will, right. Any docs on this on what to do?


Also, after the x300 driver install the LCD panel is dead and only the external monitor works, does anybody know what I can do to get osx to use my laptop lcd panel?


And lastly, I used some really old callisto driver for x300, is there anything new/better out there?


All in all it went pretty smooth installing osx86


Thanks in advance :D

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