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10.5.6 & Intel Core2 Duo


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Hi everyone!

Im planing to try again a fresh installation of 10.5.6


The only reason because Im not using it its the fact the system do not run fine if I have my 2 cores activated from BIOS.

I have to deactivate them and then the system runs fine, but obviously I want both cores running and since I have not problem with that on 10.5.5 I think it should be possible with 10.5.6


The only way I can use both cores on 10.5.5 is using "Vanilla 9.5.0 Kernel", but obviously it will not run on 10.5.6.

Using this Kernel on 10.5.6 will make me use the 2 cores without problem but I will have some issues like USB ports problems.


So, since my last try was a few months ago I want to know if there is already a known solution to this problem or if anyone could know why is this happening?


Thanks in advance.


- David

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