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Installed on GA-EG31MF-S2


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I hv Successfully installed the leopard 10.5.2 to from kalyway dvd. here is my Hardware configuration.



Intel Pentium D 3.00 ghz (930 presler something)

MOBO GA-G31MF-S2 gigabyte.

1Gb ddr2 Kingston ram

500gb hdd sata

Creative sound card pci 128 (working with AC97 driver)

ALC888 Sound also working with drivers (Stereo only)

GMA 3100 (1024x768) BAD Luck

Acer 22" lcd.


Remember to use the MODBIN OR SPEEDSTEP KERNEL Cause Vanilla and other dont work.


I m posting this just to clear that GMA 3100 and ga-eg31mf-s2 works with Leopard.


AND also

1. If someone help me with GMA 3100 Drivers to hv my native lcd resolution 1680x1050.

2. 7.1 support for alc 888.

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