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SATA on p5gpl 10.4.6


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i can see it on instaltion... with -v the install cd seems to load IOATAFamily.kext well, reports my intel 82801 and so on.... once installed, the system hangs on AppleGenericPCATA and waits for root. it does´nt even load that on the installation cd, and i see my hd on install.... is there a way to copy the IOATAFamily.kext the cd uses at startup? that seemed to work. i searched the cd and can´t find it.... also, i only have the jas 10.4.6 dvd, nothing else...


also... there used to be a link to another osx86 support forum on maxxuss page... i just lost my bookmarks!!! can anyone point me to it?


this is the first time i post(i think) i usualy get things running on my own... got it running on other machines but this is taking my sleep away :)


edit: it appears i need the IOATAFamily.kext that works with the intel 915 chipset, i thought this was standard and did not need patching. would the one form 10.4.3 work? i don´t have the disk for that.

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