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Apple Keyboard Mystery

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Hey there. I'm affraid I have come across one of these problems that are almost impossible to diagnose. It is a real mystery, but I know that here on this forum there are people who might help. Well, let's get to it.


I have upgraded my PC to a new processor, new 8gb of ram, and made a clean install of windows vista x64. I also purchased a new aluminium apple keyboard, after making sure tons of people have no problem with it running on all versions of windows. My windows are clean, with only the essential drivers installed, no programs.


The keys respond in a weird manner. There is a weird lag that happens at a random time, with variable frequency, and it can cause either not being able to write any character, about a 3 second lag until characters appear, or causing the key that was pressed at the time of the lag to continue being "pressed" (so that the ssssssssssssssentence looks like this). What is curious about this is that there is some variable that determines how often will this lag occur. Sometimes I can't write a single sentence without having these lags, sometimes I will write two paragraphs before having the lag.


Here is a bullet list of info I have gathered.



The keyboard works flawlessly when connected to my Windows Vista x86 laptop.


A different non apple keyboard works fine.


When in DOS keyboard works flawlessly.


At the login screen, where obviously no processes could interfere, the problem persists.


CPU is not the variable. Tested with a CPU killer on 97%, and I had one of these moments when I had to type in a whole paragraph

to get the lag.


When in the installer of my x64 vista, keyboard works flawlessly.


At the very first screen of a fresh installed vista, where you get to choose your user name and picture, keyboard lags to the extent

its unusable. Every key has to be pressed 4 times to respond, and when it does, there is about 80 % chance of it keep being "pressed down". But just as I enter the fresh desktop, its much less frequent. Wonder what that damn variable is.



I will add more, I am now at the point where I try all the desperate options. Right now I am downloading a different torrent of x64 vista, And Im gonna try and install that one. Im looking forward to hearing all you guys help and pointers.


UPDATE : The different download of Vista did not help anything.

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