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iDeneb Inspiron 8600 Hangs on Boot


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I'm using iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 to install OSX on a Dell Inspiron 8600.



- Processor: 1.4GHz Pentium M (SSE2 only)

- Memory: 1.25GB

- Video: Geforce Go5200 64MB


The problem that I continue to get is while booting, it sits at the gray screen with the loading spinner. Booting with verbose on, I see that the console switches graphics modes and then it hangs indefinitely after writing the final line, "Mac Framework Successfully Initialized".


Options/kexts selected:

- Kernel: Voodoo 9.5.0

- Chipset: ICHx Fix

- Audio: AC97

- Video: NVKush


I was able to successfully install Kalyway 10.5.1 without any problems, just selecting the "SSE2 System" option, which I believe uses the ToH kernel. After that I followed this post for doing the upgrade to 10.5.6.


That had its own problems... after I installed the update, Finder crashed on me and refused to start, forcing me to do the rest of the steps after the combo install from the command line. When I restarted I faced the same exact problem as I see with iDeneb and I wonder if it's related to the Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel.



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