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iDeneb @ P5K SE


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Hi guys,


After a lot of reading, I've been trying to get Leopard working on my (old) PC.


Hardware setup:

Asus P5K SE mobo

Ati HD3850 Graphicscard


I only use a SATA HDD and 2 SATA DVD-drives.


I finally got iDeneb v1.4 (10.5.6) to boot all the way into Leopard, but it isn't really usable, because:

-shut down hangs the system after the screen went black

-reboot is very very slow

-sleep never wakes up

-only 2 or 3 out of 6 USB ports seem to work?? I use a BT keyboard with a dedicated dongle and a BT mouse with a universal BT dongle. Both work in certain ports, but not in other ports.

-if I boot -v, I'm still getting errors about "usbf appleusbuhci: unable to initialize UIM", but it does no longer hang because of them (it did before, still waiting for boot device)


After flashing the BIOS to version 1104, until now, this customization seems to work the best:

-ALC883 audio driver (works)

-ICHx fixed

-AttansicL1 network driver (works)

-AppleSMBIOS 1066

-Ati Radeon HD3800 graphics driver (works)


The use of JMicronATA, VIA/SiS/Marvell/Uli, PowerOff_Fix, PowerOff_OpenHaltRestart do not seem to make a difference. I think I don't need JMicronATA because I don't use IDE or PATA.


I also tried to get it to work with a retail disc of Leopard, but then I have the problem of the graphics card which isn't recognised, resulting in a garbled screen after installation. I'm not sure how to install drivers manually, or if that's even possible.


I hope someone has a working setup on a P5K SE mobo. Perhaps there are BIOS settings I need to change.



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