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I installed iDeneb without the X11 patch. Now I realised I need it for C/C++ development in netBeans: Installing and Configuring C/C++ Support - NetBeans IDE 65 Tutorial

"Macintosh OS X


NetBeans C/C++ pack has been tested with the following compilers and tools:


* gcc 4.0.1 compilers

* gdb (GNU debugger) 6.3.5

* GNU make 3.80


Install the following packages that are provided with your Macintosh OS X:


* Xcode

* X11


So, anyway I can install it now? Googling didn't get me any good answers... I really need this so I don't have to go to my vista partition for C/C++ coding, because I only want to use vista for games :/

And I'd to keep using netBeans, because that's what I'm accustomed to


wrong section... sorry :/

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