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New to OS X, in need of DVD Authoring Software


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Hello, I recently started using a Mac for work. I have been using Linux for pretty much ever. Slackware to OS X is a pretty good shock to your system, but I am really enjoying myself, OS X is smooth and clean and there isn't much I don't care for (not nuts about finder hiding most of the file system, but I still got my CLI :).


So far the only thing I have had any trouble with is authoring a DVD the way I need it done. In Slackware I used DeVeDe. I need to be able to convert .avi's to a DVD .iso.


In OS X I have tried the following without success:

Roxio Toast Titanium Pro v10: Painfully slow conversion and fairly limited options, converts to .toast :P, I hear you can just change the .toast to .iso and burn away but I have not tried it. (My Mac does not have a DVD burner.


Xilsoft DVD Creator: Painfully slow conversion, fairly limited options, Seems to fail on most .avi's I have tried with it.


VisualHub: Outside not being able to find a legit copy, it seems not for me, and there appears to be bugs that will not be fixed since the software is now unsupported.

FFMPEGX: This was pretty much what I thought was going to be the answer to my problems, until it was intsalled and I discovered I am unable to convert from .avi, which is pretty much the only format I am interested in converting from. I have tried converting to .mov and others and then converting to DVD, unfortunatly it appears that converting twice has severe consequences with overall quality of the finished product.


iDVD: I was relatively dissapointed with this, there are virtually no options what so ever.


DVD Studio Pro: Is next on my list to try out, I have my fingers Crossed.


So please if anyone can tell me something i havent tried, free or pay for let me know, let me know anything you think might help, I would greatly apreciate it.

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