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No hard drives listed in Disk utility


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Hi all, I am looking for some advice on a problem that has me stumped. I am trying to install Leopard using the latest iPC disk on a Compaq Presario SR1619UK desktop running XP. The problem is there are no disks listed in the Disk Utility. The install disk is OK as I used it on my Vista Sony laptop.


I have a 50 gb partion (remade several time using diskpart, Part magic dvd, and a couple of other progs and formatted in a variety of ways based on what I have been reading) and it doesn't show up in the disk utility, no disks show at all. The drives are jumpered to master and slave and are on ide cabling. The computer spec is AMD Athlon XP 2.167 GHz 64, Chipset VIA KM400A, 2 samsung hard drives + DVD RW and a Blueray both on SATA. MSI MS-7184 motherboard


Seen others getting it working with this motherboard chip combo on this forum but with earlier versions


Any help would be great, I've also got the real leopard install disk from my Mac if this offers a solution (10.5.4)


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