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Wireless Internet vs Charging my Macbook

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I received a white macbook back about 2 years ago as a graduation present for college, and shes treated me amazing ever since. I just recently have run into my first problem, and I actually have the Apple Insurance still, but the closest store is an hour and a half away, so I'm hoping to avoid that drive and fix it myself.


My roommate recently password protected our wireless internet when he got back from spring break, complaining it ran too slow from people stealing from us. Until returning I had never had issues in the house, but from then until now I can not access the internet while my computer is charging. it still says I have full connection indicated by the bars in the upper right, but it refuses to load any websites. When I unplug the charging cable it will allow me to do whatever I want online. Could the password protection be causing this?


Anyone have any ideas?

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