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Install Mac Os Leopard on Sony Vaio Ns 21 s /w


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Hello, i don´t speak english very well but i try to explain my problem ....


I have a sony vaio ns21s.w with intel t6400 and 4gb ram ....


i have 3 parts in my hd.


(hd0,1) windows vista

(hd0,2) Mac Os X leopard

(hd0,3) Ubuntu / Linux



i have installed in Mbr grub program and i can entry in windows partition and in linux partition,


i have changed "menu.lst" on linux grub to try enter in mac leopard with this comands:


#Mac partition

title OSX_X86

root hd(0,2)


chainloader +1


I saved the file, and reboot the system and grub present me this options:


1.- windows vista run perfectly

2.- ubuntu linux run perfectly

3.- OSX_X86


when i select option 3:


Error 13

Invalid or unsupported executable format


i cannot run this partition ....


Somebody can help me ??


thanks a lot and sorry for my english.... !!! ;)

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