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How To Install Windows AFTER OS X

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I recently installed retail OS X using the EFI-bootloader and boot-132 methods (Kalyway was in there too, actually). After I had installed everything correctly I figured I'd give Windows 7 a chance.


I use 2 500GB HDDs. The first had all the Mac OS stuff on it, so I figured installing Windows 7 to the other one would be a piece of cake.


It wouldn't let me, however. For some reason it said it had to be the primary drive, so I had an idea. I opened the case, pulled out the SATA cable for the Mac HDD, and rebooted. Windows installed with no problem after that. When I put the cable back in, Leopard remained the default OS as planned. Windows 7 wouldn't show up in the darwin bootloader, though. My motherboard (Gigabyte EX58 UD5) has a boot menu, though, so if I want to boot Windows 7 I just have to press F12 at startup and select the HDD it resides on.


Hopefully this helps somebody out, as I was racking my brain earlier to figure out dual-booting. My retail version has ran perfectly so far, I'm just working on fixing the kernel panic I get from the CD drive from time to time.

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