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Toshiba Brightness/Backlight Idea


Do you have a working backlight solution?  

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Hey guys,


(I didn't put this in a different hardware subforum, since I found to my surprise I didn't have access

! If someone would like to move the thread, I understand...)


So I had a cool idea. I know the ToshACPI.kext driver must derive from the "toshset" project for Linux somehow. For those who don't know, it enables Bluetooth at boot if the wireless switch is turned on.


While I can set my backlight brightness from the BIOS, I'd much prefer to do it from within Leopard itself. I could then use Quicksilver to automate my keyboard shortcuts for backlight control.


That's not as good as native support, but it would at least help, especially since I don't have resume from standby working. Deep sleep does work, however.


I tried compiling toshset from source, and used --target=darwin, but I don't know what I'm doing so maybe someone could help me out. Should I use a different target? Should I work on this in XCode somehow? The configure command works successfully, but the make command fails to produce a binary as far as I can tell.



Some things I didn't try:


Maybe if I output to a different directory, even if the build "fails," I'll still get a working binary. I doubt that, though.


Maybe using Fink would help, but I don't know anything about it.


Maybe I can find the source of ToshACPI.kext and figure out how toshset is integrated.

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