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Inspiron 1420 iAtkos 10.5.5 post install issues


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Hey, Just want to say first that I been on here forever, and have successfully set up osx86 on several laptops, from inspirons to acers....So on to the issue..



Just installed iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 on a dell inspioron 1420, Now the issues


I got the wireless card working the same way as my 1525 with the dell 1395 card, no issue.

Battery meter works, keyboard and touch pad work no problems...


Now the issues...


Cant get the sound to work, at all, tryed the stac9228 with the hda patcher, no dice, been searching all morning and can't find much help.


Also, heres the weird issue...


It looks fine, but If i try to move a window, or scroll down, it glitches. Kind of like when you look outside the boundries in old multiplayer games. This makes it impossible to really browse the filesystem, or use the internet. Weird, and i dont know where to look or even what fix im searching for.


Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

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