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Dual Boot with Grub OS X & Linux Mint

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Hello, first I would like to thank everyone for making it possible to run OS X on home-built PC. It's pretty amazing that without much effort, I have a 100% working mac running with dual display.


So since the installation has been so successful, I really don't want to screw this up but I would like to dual boot it with linux(going to install mint or ubuntu probably). So far THIS is the only thread I found that's related to what I'm looking for. However, I don't understand everything it says on it(ex: i don't know what is "boot1h") but so far I have downloaded & run "Chameleon-1.0.11-installer" and noticed that it has created a "boot" file in the OS-X root directory. So if I install a linux distro with grub, and edited the grub menu.list to something similar to this:


OS X 10.5.6 Leopard


"hd0,0" being my "/" partition. It should work then right? if I also have "/var","/home" & "/tmp" in separate logical partitions, should I change the "+1" to something else?


I'm new to this so please explain if I've misunderstood anything. thank you very much for your help!

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If your using legacy grub, it should work I think.


I have been having trouble with grub 2 loading OSX. But I had been able to load linux and windows from chameleon without any problem.

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