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So i downloaded from a torrent brazilmac_patchedDvd, burned it to a singlayer, put the patch thing on a fat32 formatted jumpdrive, restarted computer, booted from the cd and it went to the darwin thing, hit -v -x and a whole bunch of text started displaying, then after about 3-4 minutes my computer restarts and i can start over again...what am i doing wrong? i dont understand the stuff about kernals and kexts so when i've tried reading other peoples stuff it makes no sense to me, i have a retail copy of leopard, i think it has 10.5.6 on it, maybe not though. i cant make the patched dvd myself because i cant get any seeds for the patcher to use on the disk image on my uncles macbook so thats why i downloaded a patched dvd iso, my specs are xfx 680i LT SLI intell q6600 2.4ghz want to install on a 135gb partition on my second hdd. if anybody can help me it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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