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OSX86 10.5.6 and VMware Server problem


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So, i finally got the install to run, but now its hanging at the very end. The VM just locks up after a while of doing nothing. sitting at "Time remaining: about a minute"



Heres my VM setup:


SCSI drive with MBR(tried guid also)(and tried IDE)

FreeBSD guestOS (tried other and Windows NT)


Intel SSE3

1 core


Heres the laptop im using it on:

C2D P8400 2.26ghz

4gb DDR3

32bit windows vista

PM45 chipset

9800M GTS 512mb


I've tried many combinations of processor/chipset packages and everything else. Im thinking this is where i got something wrong. All these packages are confusing.



I tried running a second install right after restarting it(without reformat) <-- didnt work


I've included a picture of the setup log when it hangs.


Anybody know whats going on?


I've also tried this on VirtualBox without result.



Right now the virtual machine is using 50% cpu just sitting there unresponsive.


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