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Soon to be the proud owner of a MacBook Pro?

Hack vs Mac  

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  1. 1. Answer this AFTER Reading this post...

    • Stick with my Ultra-fast HackBook Pro
    • Buy a expensive MacBook Pro (have to squeeze the wallet)

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I am thinking of Buying a MacBook Pro, as my iBook is getting a little old. But the reason I am hesitating to buy one is because a have a near-to-perfect hackintosh MBP. Performs extremely fast for it's specs.


The only problems I am having are from the 3945 ABG card. (not working at all).


And the Audio ports for the ALC268 are not working. Targuas patch with shutdown work, but only for about a minute (then I am left with nothing and have to reinstall the original drivers).


Soo.. should I buy a brand spankin perfect MBP, or stick with my Ultra-fast mid-range laptop with very low problems?


I am a little squished for money, but I could probably manage for a MBP, obviously I could spend the money on something a lot more suitable, just I [might] need a new Laptop.


you be the judge...


Thanks in advance.

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