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[Tutorial]How to get Leopard 10.5.6 working with any Amilo Li 1818 - 2735 Laptop


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  1. 1. How has your Amilo Li been with OS X?

    • A little Iffy with irregular drivers
    • Very well with OS X, getting along quite well
    • I am too scared to try OS X on my Amilo li, I need real advice first
  2. 2. Do you know the Hardware you have in your laptop?

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    • I know a fair amount, but not things like the FSB speed
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Here is a guide for all those lucky Amilo li laptop users!

If your a newbie at handling drivers (kexts), don't worry, I'll simplify it as much as I can!



Here are a few ways of updating to 10.5.6 if you have not already done so:

1. Using kalyway 10.5.1 or 10.5.2 disk, read Here for update method

2. iATKOS by downloading version 5i

3. iPC 10.5.6 you are already there!


Getting Started

First you will need a working install of 10.5.6.

Now, here are all the drivers you will need to get your laptop as close as possible to use all hardware devices in your laptop.


Fixing Graphics

If you have not modified your graphics drivers after 10.5.6 update (for the GMA X3100) you should be fine.

At the moment, you should be booting at least 3-4 times because of that that annoying blue screen appears and halts you from booting. check the link in my Signature on how to fix that.


Support for the Sony Optaric ATA Drive

Download and install the kext called "IOATAFamilly.kext.zip" attached to this post. For help installing kexts, go Here.


Make it more of a Mac

the Amilo Li laptops perform like a MacBook Pro, so surely it should be recognized as a MacBook Pro.

Download the MacBook Pro attachment from here.


You will also need the AnV kernel to recognize the SMBIOS properly. (or alternatively use the Voodoo kernel).

AnV XNU kernel can be downloaded from here on the attachments.


Battery Meter

Download and Install VoodooBattery.kext from here.


After Upgrade

After upgrading from 10.5.x to 10.5.6, you will have lost PS2 Control and are forced to use a USB keyboard and mouse. this can be restored by downloading the "PS2_Devices_Kexts.zip" attached.


FAST Speed!

Download and Install the AnV patched binaries from the attachments section at the bottom of this post.


Not really much more to it! If you request any other drivers to install, then just post a comment saying which driver you need for your Amilo Li.


I AM NOT responsible for anything that happens to your amilo. nothing much can go wrong here so don't be to worried!



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Hey cool thread,

i got the amilo li1818 with the celeron m.

i tried several distributions and now i run 10.5.6 perfect with sleep and so on.

dont forget to say that the wireless card dont work at the moment but my 8187L does the job ;-).

i can try to help other li1818 users if help is needed.



@SaCleoCheater: Do you run the trackpad kext with the gestures perfectly? i only have problems in this section. =)

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Hi !


I'd like some help because my Amilo Li 1818 has no display and no keyboard/trackpad, so i plugged in an Apple USB keyboard and mouse, connected a VGA LCD display and it seems to work, it shows the FSC boot screen, then the gray Apple logo, and then, instead of showing the background and the language selection, the VGA display turns off, and nthing works anymore. I can see the system is not crashed because the Shift lock key of my apple keyboard lights up when i press it...


Have someone an idea?


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on my amilo li1818 the ideneb 10.5.6 works still great. except the internal wlan but i replaced it with a broadcom and it works like a charm. therefore upgrading to snow is not nessecary 4 me

anyone advices 4 snow?

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