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FS Amilo Li2727 iPC 10.5.6 with success :-)


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I had successfully installed iPC 10.5.6 to my FS Amilo Li2727. It has the world-famous Intel X3100 integrated VGA so maybe I can help to others with this marvelous chipset.


I wrote a long tutorial here. It is a really long one so I don't paste here.


The most important to do to make the system work properly, that during boot/restart/shutdown processes the lid must be closed and you'll need an external monitor for those procedures. Other times deattach the external one and use sleep function.


p.s.1: I tried SwitchresX, OpenHalt kext and a lots of patches, this is the only way how I can use my "Mac" safely and properly.


p.s.2: Today I bought a Mac sticker on eBay :-)))

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