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Sound issues while using disks (need advice)


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First of all I must admit that this is the best formu if you want to explore the beautiful world of OSX.. and it is beautiful! ;) I resolved a lot of problems reading the tips and tricks here on this site so.. I have another one and I'll ask then.

I recently installed leo4all v3. Till now I used the leo4all v2 and was very stable! I decided to move on leo4all v3 because my graphics can be fully set up (with QE/QI and all the stuff) from the setup and no need for additional tricks after installation. Anyway I faced another issue yesterday using logic 8 (or any other audio based app). While I copied some files from the network the quality of the sound (inclusive iTunes) was seriously deteliorated. I did not tried to see if I copy on local discks if the sound is damaged. I will try today. On leo4all v2 did not had this kind of issue. Must tell you that I recently add a 1 Giga SATA HDD to my configuration. This might couse the issue?!


Another question is regarding the access to my sound library using logic, reason or ableton. The program itself is installed on the OSX partition. The libs are on the SATA partition. When I want to access one library let's say using Kontakt I have to wait (I would say) a little to much time to load. It could be the IDE/SATA related kexts? Did you expreienced this issue? On the same XP machine the sounds are loaded very quick. Please help - maybe I don't install something correctly on the installation setup or this is just usual and I don't have to bother myself finding some resolvings.


Thank you very much! :(

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