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Leopard + Netbeans + Vmware Fusion + Xp

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I would like to know how can I do this:


I'm running Leopard.

I use Netbeans on Leopard in order to develop webbpages. As a server I use the glasfish which is in netbeans and as database mysql. Everything running from Leopard. I also have a xp on a vmware fusion machine in order to test the application on IE8,7 and 6.


The problem is that i was forced to install netbeans on the virtual xp machine and database server too in order to run the application in xp. So right now I have two netbeans, two mysql server and two applications one for leopard and one for xp.


My question is how can i map galsfish so i can open the same application from xp?


I can open apache from xp but the entire application use glasfish. Some idea how to fix it or some webbpage to read bout this?


Thanks very much

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You should be able to access Leopard thru the built-in networking. Also AFAIK VMWare has a option of Host only networking, in which the Host and VM are in their own private LAN. Also may I suggest Crossover Office for IE6 and IE7. Dunno about IE8 though.

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