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iAtkos 5i on Compaq SR1960AP


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Hi there,


I am so sorry to trouble you all. I have tried installing iAtkos on the abovementioned PC at least 50 times but have not been successful at any rate. It seems like the most successful I've been to is actually the famous "waiting for root device" prompt.


The specifications for my PC are listed here: SR1960AP Specs


But just a summary:

Processor: Pentium D 925 (P) DC 3.0 Ghz - Socket 775

Chipset: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Processors

Motherboard: Manufacturer-ECS, Name-RC410-M, HP-Name-Alhena-GL6

Video: nVidia 8600 GT 256MB

Memory: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM

Harddisk: 160GB SATA


I've got a niggling feeling that the issues actually lie with the customization as my research seems to show that my specs do fit the requirements for iAtkos installation. I am also unable to choose AHCI for the SATA controller in BIOS as there is no option for it at all.


Does anyone have experience installing the above and have the correct customization settings please? Would appreciate any help pointing me down the right direction as well. Thanks!

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