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TX1000 Issues (WiFi, Booting, Graphics and Sound)

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I finally got Leo4All installed on my HP Pavilion TX1308nr. I installed the drivers kext pack that the instructions suggested, but cannot manage to get a few things working:


Wifi (Airport won't turn on -- always says "Off" in System Preferences with a red circle.)

No graphical boot (No apple logo -- just scrolling text)

No Graphics acceleration (I think that's what it is) -- so iTunes coverflow and Photobooth don't work.




The headphone jacks don't work

Won't boot without power cord

Have to hold the power button to get past "IOAPIC: Version 0x11 Vectors 0:2"


I realize these last things say they are unsupported on the wiki, but is there any way to fix them? Thanks!


Also, when I wake the computer up from sleep, the screen stays black.

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