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USB adapter D-Link DWL G122 (rev. C1)


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I have a HP compaq nx7400 computer running a Leopard 10.5.2 by Kalyway, everything works (sound, video and ethernet) but the wireless part.

Although it's listed as working with the right driver, after trying for several hours all the different versions I found, I can't get it to work at all.

The usb adapter is correctly detected in the system profiler but the USB wifi utility and the network settings pane don't see it at all.


One thing I checked is if the .kext files were actually loaded and I couldn't find them on the terminal with kextstat (I think it's supposed to list all the active ones).

So I tried to load it manually with kextload and then this error message came up :

loaded version 1.6.0 of module com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily.kext differs from requested 1.6.0 (UUID's differ); cannot load -


What I took from that is that the actual drivers aren't being loaded and that's because of the IONetworkingFamily.kext.


I have absolutely no idea how to solve this, any help would be much appreciated !

Thanks a lot-

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I use this USB WiFi with 10.5.6.

I use drivers from ralink site (chip 2500)

But I have annoing screen on startup.

Then I find drivers for Mac OS on ftp.dlink.com for g122.

This drivers have prefpane, show signal strenght, but I must connect WiFi only after system fully loaded - if I connect it before it I have promlem with connecting.

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