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iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 + Windows xp sp3 + Windows 7Beta

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Hello Friends!


Thanks for this forum.


Let me explain my problem.


First my configuration. :)


Intel Pentium D 805 Socket 775 LGA, 2.66 Ghz(supports both SSE2, SSE3), 


Intel D101 GCC motherboard,


ATI Radeon Express 200 chipset,


1.5 GB Ram (PC 3200),


2 hard drives (80 gb SATA, 40 gb Ultra DMA-33/Ultra DMA -100 

( this is what my SIW tool gave me),


Realtek RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ehernet NIC.


Hard disk partition: :)


Disk 0 : 40 gb Ultra DMA


C: primary 1.51 gb

G: logical 12.69 gb (* This is where WIN XP SP3 is installed)

F: logical 5.61 gb

Free space 17.45 gb (* This is where i want to install iDeneb v1.3 Mac

10.5.5 Leopard OS)


Disk 1: 80 gb SATA


D,M: primary EACH 9.77 gb

I,J: logical each 19.53 gb

L: logical 15.93 gb. (* This is where WINDOWS 7 BETA is installed)


I tried to boot the iDeneb v1.3 DVD. First i got the famous the BANNED  

APPLE SCREEN. When i tried a few times, i was able to go further. I was

able to make a MAC OS EXTENDED JOURNAL partition, do Customize , but 

when Installation came it showed an ERROR that mac cannot be installed.


In F8 -v mode, i get the famous "still working for root device" error.


I patched it using nVidia patch, but of no use.


Can you please please help me, as i like Mac...


Thanks in advance


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