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Weird thing when updating to 10.5.6


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Hi all!



So I found myself in a funny situation a couple of days ago when experimenting in updating up to 10.5.6 from 10.5.3.


I followed this tutorial http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=152801 and everything was just as described: I had to type "update" every time I started the machine aand so on. But when I tryed to update to 10.5.6 I went to the point of having to replace a line in a certain file:


9. next type "nano /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1"


10. Replace the line Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext with dsmos.kext (at the last few lines in any)


11. Exit editor and save


to my surprise there was no such a line so I didn't replace a thing. At that point I thought Oh Damn !, but surprisingly enough it seems that it works. As described in the tutorial I'm experiencing problems with the USB thing (USB is drawning too much power...) after sleeping and also the typing on the boot. I was cautious enough to try thins update procedure on a separate HD with a fresh installation of kalyway and now I'm esceptical about updating my "real" OSX86. The thing is that the system appears to work normally but, since this last part of the update didn't take place, I don't feel very well about it... I'm afraid it will give troubles in the future or something.


So, anyone here has a clue about why I wasn't able to complete the update? ever happen before?


Any insight will be helpful.


Thanks in advance !!!

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it also happened to me once, but I think it was 10.5.4 => 10.5.5: I simply ignored that step in the procedure

anyways, the Voodoo kernel will skip DontStealMacOSX.kext, so no issue whatsoever for me :(


you mean that you upgraded from 10.5.4 to 10.5.6 directly?


BTW any way to fix this annoying thing at the start-up? having to type "update" every time...




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