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hello... i'm the new user... who want to use Mac OSX...

but.. i never use this OS before this..

now i'm using vista... and hope i can using this another great OS..

anyone who can lend thier help to me?


1 - First step i need to do?

2 - How?

3 - Requirement?


this is my pc requirement..

i got from x86WIKI


Aspire L3600 7200

Install Method: Leo4Allv3 Final

Board: Unknown

Chipset: Intel G31/G33

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53GHz

Audio: Realtec ACL888 (Had it working using Azalia driver; selected during install; only output)

LAN: Working out of the box

Graphics: Intel GMA3100 (No QE/CI; as no driver found yet for this. This is not Intel GMAX3100!!!)

SATA: Working out of the box

USB: Working out of the box

Firewire: Working out of the box

TV Tuner: Not working

FM Radio: Not working

Built-in Card Reader: Detected but haven't test it yet.

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