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wireless Lan:Dell/business vista to imac booted in or emulating business vists/fusion

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Sorry, this was posted in the wrong section....

How do I set up a wireless network (and wired as a backup) between a Dell PC running Business Vista/32 bit with an iMac either booted in bus vista via bootcamp, or running Virtual business vista via fusion. I'd like to auto sync both ways, original and updated files generated by 2 PC apps: a dental imaging app(Apteryx) and a dental practice Management app (Dentimax), which it links to. Both work fine in either booted in or in virtual 32 bit vista on the Mac. Help! Help! (I'd do this all iMac, but the dental digital xray sensor Mfg, says its drivers won't work on a Mac, so I'm stuck with a business dell to capture the digital xrays. Thanks so much.

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