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OSx86 Leopard install WITHOUT DVD drive?

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Hey All,


I'm an absolute n00b to this whole world of creating a hackintosh. Looked around in the forums for a way to do what I'm hoping to do, but couldn't find anything current and/or closely relevant enough...


I just picked up a PC that I want to make into my Mac OS X file and print server for my home network. Unfortunately it doesn't have a DVD drive in it. Is there a way for me to do one of the following:

  1. Install Leopard via my MacBook onto a USB drive enclosure then transfer to my PC and have it work?
  2. Install Leopard directly on my PC, booting from Chamelion and using a disk image on an external USB drive?
  3. Install Leopard on PC using Chamelion and a network drive?
  4. Some other suggestion that you very smart people can think of?

Thanks for your time...


If you really want info about my systems I can give it to you, but for now, I think I have hardware that will support the install on my PC (except for the DVD drive), but before I get into the nitty-gritty of checking that out I wanted to check if it's even conceptually possible...

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