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New install help!


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Okay so i partitioned 60gb of my hd. I went into the the disk utility. clicked erase, and chose file system (journaled). Success!


i click back to installer. I install the osx86 base files. it goes through the installation right to the end.


it says "Install successful"


then it says your computer needs to restart.


now it re-boots off the disc, and then acts like i need to re-install, but it says 54 gb of 60 gb remaining.


I tried pressing f8 and using "-f"


didn't work.


I just found the drivers under "customize"

however, what do you suggest I use for kernel?

and which are those drivers are a neccessity?


My rig:


Intel core duo 3ghz.


Nvidia 7800 gs (PCI)


any suggestions as to what i am missing?


AFter i install all base files, and the drivers. it says Install Successful.


I reboot computer with install disc out of my dvd rom, and it doesnt give me a choice to choose MAC OS. just XP.


I reboot computer with install disc in my dvd rom, press f8. only option to boot is off the DVD....


Its all installed successful,i can see the files on the HD using terminal off boot disk. I just have no way of even attempting to get to the OS. just constantly stuck in the installer....

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