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Problem Installing Mac OS x


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Hey guys! I'm really a dual-boot nut, and every vacation that i have i try dual-booting my Vista with another OS, just to play around with the OS. Recently I decided to get Mac OS x dual-booted, to my surprise they also had Leopard out (its pretty new and stuff...i think).


So i got this cd-image "ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso". I proceeded to do the normal reformatting of my laptop. And preparation of a separate partition to house the Mac OS X.


The problem when i inserted the disk and started the bootloader is no matter what i key in, the process starts up with all the diagnostic messages. Thats no big issue. But certain messages do scare me such as:

"File cannot be located","VGA family cannot be specified" or something to that extent.


And once its done loading, you obviously know that the display is screwed up as it shows only this:


(Looks like some freaky Windows 95 wallpaper xD )


Anyway this is my laptop set-up:


Intel Core 2 Duo T7550 @2.20GHz

3070 MB Memory / 3GB

ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 display adapter


2 HDDs:

a) 150 GB HDD

- Partition 1 6GB (Untouched)

- Partition 2 102GB(Vista)

- Partition 3 40GB(Reserved for Mac OS X)

:( 150 GB HDD (Reserved for file storage)


Will be happy to help you get screenshots of any other stuff. :D


Additional Note:

I tried on 2 different DVDs one a DVD-R and the other DVD+R...dunno if it make a difference.

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