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ASUS P5K (Intel P35 chipset) Sleep problems


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I managed to get a Retail Leopard installation up and running with everything working for my box:


ASUS P5K Motherboard (Intel P35/ ICH9)

Nvidia 8600GT 256MB (using EFI strings)


JMicron JMB363

Attansic L1 Ethernet

Realtek ALC883 Sound Chipset

500GB SATAII GPT-partitoned HDD + 500GB eSATA connected through my JMicron (this was hard to get it to work at the same time)



I use PC_EFIv9 and keep all my extensions in /Extra/Extensions.mkext


Since I first installed Mac OS X (Kalyway 10.5.2 on MBR) I had this issue:

Shutdown/Reboot/Sleep/Deep Sleep all resulted in the fans and the HDD-s spinning maddly just like before booting and the monitor reporting no signal.

Since I used DSDT Patcher the shutdowns and the reboots went nicely but I have the same problems with sleeping.

When I try to go to deep sleep , after I am welcomed by the sound of the fans and I am forced to reboot PC_EFI tells me the sleepimage has garbage

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