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Kalyway Installed, can boot Safe mode until I install kexts


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So I have an HP DV2700 AMD notebook (The worst computer to install OSX on) and have successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on an external SATA drive. I say 'successfully' because I am able to boot with speedstepkernel -v -x -s into safe mode, and that took weeks of downloading/burning/installing/failing/wiping/starting over.


My problem is when I install, I dont select any graphics, audio, networking, etc because I was told not to in post #25 in this thread. That guide was incredibly helpful because it was pretty much my exact model. Either way, I install and get to the safe mode boot, there I am able to install Kexts. I install the ones found in the first post on that same thread hoping to fix the resolution and wifi, but after I install the kexts, it says "it looks to be successful, cross your fingers and restart," I do so and cant resart... even after crossing my fingers!


I get to the /sbin/fsck -fy code and just type 'exit' so it will boot, but then it just hangs on "could not establish network configuration: Success!"

Has anyone ever booted an amd HP dv2000 NOT in safe mode? it seems like any guide I read is how to boot into safe mode, I can already do that, but after installing kexts, it cant even do that. I just want to boot into regular old OSX!


Any help is appreciated, even if its "give up an buy a dell"...

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