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Converting Quartz2D into Quicktime

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Hi all,


i was hoping someone would know how to convert frame from CGContextRef to a QuickTime movie file and have control over the export options without having to make that Dialog

(ie, i want to be able to control the width, height, pixel aspect ratio, duration, interlaced or not, fps, etc all inside the code itself, not in a dialog that pops up for users to set)


currently the quicktime exporter is broken, i got it from the apple developer site, and someone broke it. it appears that the working one only works with openGL and not quartz2D, and i need it to work with Quartz2D

i did try to find a way to make Quartz2D into OpenGL textures but there doesn't seem to be a published way of doing it

the only thing i saw was something from the developers page that claims to convert CG stuff to OpenGL textures, but it doesn't, it converts CIContext...

and i dont know where to get the information for the parameters to convert CGContextRef into CGImage so i can convert it to CIImage so it works with that existing code


if someone knows how, it would really really really be great if you could tell me or help me out

most certainly it's been done before so someone out there has to know...

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